The handwriting of the grudge holder and the people who get over it

Writing Pressure

Measuring a person’s writing pressure is one of the easiest things to do as you just look at how much pressure presses up against the paper with the pen.

I am going to lay it out real simple for.

There are 3 types of writers. Light, medium, and heavy

What does writing pressure show?... Well it shows the depth of feeling a person feels. What do I mean by that you ask?

Let me give you an example: If I were to have a girlfriend with light writing and she asked me a question in the morning, like “Jon, do you think these pants make me look a bit chubby?” and without hesitation I respond with a firm tone saying “yes, you look like you gained an easy 20 pounds, and if you don’t lose it by next week, we are breaking up.” And then proceed to grab her waist trying to gather a chunk of fat and hold on to it to show her.

… Depending on other traits in her handwriting, she would probably be quite offended and hurt by such an act. But remember, she is a light writer… She probably didn’t feel the feelings of internal hurt for long and would probably get over my crude remarks just in time for us to go have lunch or dinner… probably by dinner in this case… that is a really assh$#e thing to say to a girlfriend!

Now… any males reading this are probably like “yeah! Need to find me a girl with light writing so I can say and do whatever I want in the relationship and have her get over it easily! Well there are some things I would consider disadvantages.

Okay, let’s say you are getting intimate(aka sex) with this woman, and you are the kind of man who likes to really get into it… and you really like to make your woman just feel… absolutely over top with ecstasy and pleasure and all that other great stuff. So you do your thing… you show her your best moves, everything you’ve got! You did a great job… and like always, you are expecting her to just be smitten by your performance and you ready yourself to be showered with compliments on what a stud you are!


The moment you were done… her state of mind, feeling, and emotion were already quickly going back to her neutral state and was not turned on by you anymore… sorry stud! No compliments this time. Light writers tend to have superficial involvement.

So now let’s look at the other side of the spectrum… heavy writing pressure. If the writing is leaving an imprint on the back of the page or almost going through the page, it’s obviously heavy writing pressure.

It will be the opposite of a light writer. Using the same example from before and this is what will happen.

1. She would not forgive me easily; the emotional pain from my behavior would have been taken very harshly and personally. She may forgive me after a couple of weeks, but she will never forget about what I said. She will most likely bring it up in future arguments we have.

2. The sex will be amazing. Heavy writers have stronger and more passionate sex drives because they bring a lot of feeling, passion, and emotionally charged energy into it.


Ahhh! The power of examples.