Going too far with handwriting analysis

In most cases when you analyze someone’s handwriting, they are usually going to quite intrigued, curious, and/or surprised by how much you can learn about their personality from their handwriting.

But as with anything there are always rare exceptions…

Such as going too far or too in depth into the analysis when it may have not been necessary to do so.

If the human resource department for a company asks you to analyze a potential employee’s handwriting, of course by all means, you should go in as deep as possible if that’s what they want you to do… they are paying you after all.

But say if a friend of a friend asks you to analyze their handwriting just for fun, and then you analyze their handwriting and describe every facet of who they are. And then you list their positive and negative traits… and just basically floor them because this is the first time you met them and you know A LOT about them… and they know nothing about you. It could cause some social riff between you and them.

I mean when you really start to get good at analyzing handwriting and become very good at describing it… you want to show people your skills and knowledge, right? If you have it, why not flaunt it?

Well… let me give you a personal story of mine, where I may have taken it too far with person who asked me to analyze their handwriting.

On a Saturday day morning, I had decided to meet my friend at the gym so we could get a good solid workout in. He had brought another friend with him to that workout… she was an amazingly attractive and very fit female. She had just become a member at the gym and being the great friend that he is, he brought her to do a workout with us… (he’s a great guy)

So we all had a great workout and we were all getting along socially… then the workout ended. And that was that. And I wondered if I would ever see that girl he brought ever again. I didn’t know much about her… but I really wanted to see her again.

So about a week and a bit later, while I was at the gym just taking a water break… I feel someone’s hand resting on my back… and I turn to look at whose hand it was... it was hers! That amazingly attractive and very fit woman I wanted to see again. She wanted to talk to me and get a workout in together. And this happened a couple of times. I was feeling a unique feeling that I never felt before… It was almost as if she was pursuing me, instead of me pursuing her, I was not used to this experience at all. (apparently I had interested her)

So anyways… she knew that I did handwriting analysis, and of course she was intrigued by it and wanted her handwriting analysis done by me.

But… she didn’t want just some quick fun analysis that takes 5 or 6 minutes to do… she wanted me to do a full written analysis. And she was very insistent that I don’t hold back or hide anything that may be considered a negative. She said, “ I want a full in depth, unfiltered, raw handwriting analysis from you, the kind of analysis people pay you for. Don’t hold back just because I am woman. I want to see how good you are.”

So I got her handwriting, and went to work at it and spent quite a bit of time on this one. (I did this full in-depth analysis for free because I had interest in her, normally I would not do this in depth analysis for free)

I thought I could use this as an opportunity to show how much I know, and impress her with my knowledge, so she would be like “wow Jon, you are amazing, your knowledge turns me on!”

…didn’t happen that way… complete opposite in fact.

The next time I saw her, I gave her the analysis results… and she said she would read it when she gets home in an excited tone of voice… that would be the last time I ever spoke to her again. After the day I had given her the analysis, she never spoke to me again. She wouldn’t even look at me. When I tried walking to her direction, she would avoid me. I hate awkward situations and angry people so I didn’t bother trying to speak to her either.

So I asked my friend who originally introduced me to her to talk to her about it. And so he did.

He called me on the phone laughing his ass off and says “Jon, what did you do to her? You freaked her out with your analysis. She was all freaked out that you knew that much about her. She said that she is too self conscious to even talk to you now because you know too much about her and its creeping her out. That’s pretty funny man… I don’t know any guy who has had a beautiful woman pursue him and then go ahead and screw it up as bad as you did…But hey, can you analyze my handwriting too, I’m curious now?”

O darn… that is not what I wanted to have happen

However… it was a learning a experience, it was also a rare experience… I didn’t let an experience like this discourage me, because I have analyzed a lot of handwriting and very rarely do I run into any real problems.

But do understand that sometimes you a skill such as handwriting analysis gives you the power and advantage to really know people. A lot of people will be fascinated with it, but there will always be a rare few that don’t like that you know them.