How to get the job of screening tenants for real estate landlords with handwriting analysis

Most landlords have dozens of stories about difficult tenants. With the use of handwriting analysis in the screening process, those cheque bouncers and midnight movers can be successfully weeded out of the mix. Needless to say, if you have had the unfortunate experience of letting someone awful move into your home, in the future I can help you avoid it by analyzing their handwriting sample. Important character traits such as honesty, procrastination (pays their bills on time), and even criminal like tendencies can spotted with the use of handwriting analysis.

Okay, let's say you have passed your handwriting certification course and you are ready to make money and you think tenant screening would be your cup of tea to make money on the side with handwriting analysis.

Your pal Jon is going to show a simple step-by-step formula.

Step 1: Prepare your resume, bio, testimonial sheets, and business brochures.

Step2: Target a landlord, apartment complex, or Property Management Firm

Step3: Mail or fax a letter stating your purpose and request a meeting

Step4: Follow-up with a phone call. Don’t try to sell them on the phone… get an appointment. Repeat… Just get the appointment… don’t talk too much

Step5: At the meeting, do his or her handwriting and few tenants applications for free, show her articles, references, testimonials, and explain your price structure. Make the service both profitable and affordable. Consider the volume of new applicants they get weekly. So keep you rate close to $100 per hour, but be flexible. Real Estate landlords are cheap and need to save money. Don’t price yourself out of the market… you must first prove that they need you.

Not too difficult...right?

And the most important thing about this is... you are giving the landlords a great deal of value by helping them pick the right person to rent out their property.

In my opinion... anything that gives someone a great deal of relief from worry is a GREAT thing.

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