How to spot a person who is on the verge of suicide by analyzing their handwriting

Suicidal Handwriting

This particular topic is very interesting and is a bit touchy as well… since we are dealing with suicides.

Now this particular example I am going to show you my own professional analysis of this person’s suicide note and the previous notes that led to the suicide. There are 3 samples of writing here. The first 2 examples are before Bill committed suicide. And the last one is the actual suicide note. All of these samples were written by the same man.

Note: there may be some advanced terminology used…don’t worry about that, just go through at see what you think.

The full report

There are 3 samples of writing each taken at different times over the course of about a year and half. In order for us to show the change in the person’s behavior, each sample should be analyzed individually on its own to properly see how the changes had taken over the course of year and half which then led to Bill’s suicide.

Starting with sample A, which is the first writing sample of Bill and it, is dated back to May 1968. In this sample, we see that Bill’s writing slant is basically a DE slant. So we know at this time, Bill would have been an emotionally impulsive person who likes touchy feely and enjoys the company of other people. He would not be too impulsive as there are some other traits in his writing that would have controlled this. He would have had some emotional highs and lows, but as long as he is in the company of good people, he will usually be quite friendly and have the ability to naturally get along with most people. Because of Bill’s small writing with sharp fast writing, we know Bill would have a strong ability to concentrate and focus very well, and would be able to grasp knowledge and tasks with very little effort. Bill most likely would have been smart person with intuitive intelligence who was quick at solving things as he had the ability to focus on what he was doing. He may have not been the life at a party, but he would been still been quite a social person none the less, as would have most likely had some interesting knowledge or stories to share and would be able to articulate it in such a way that would be captivating for his listeners.

Now, if we look at Bill’s t-bars, we see that his t-bars are crossed quite high up meaning he had a vision for himself and his future. He would have naturally also had a higher self esteem as well, which would also assist him in achieving his future goals. Although, if we look really closely at some of the t-bars we start to see that his is a bit hard on himself as there is sharp t-bar aiming to the left. This is only in a few strokes, but it is present none the less and should be noted as it could have been the start of down turn in Bill’s life at this time.

In Bill’s lower zones, we do see that he had have been self-sufficient person with a good physical drives and determination. As much as he likes being social with good people, he would definitely enjoy his alone time and would be able to accomplish a lot on his time. Although, there is also some confusion happening in Bill’s life that could be speculated upon in his life at this moment prior to his writing transitioning into something much different.

Shown in his upper loops, we can see that Bill did not have much of an imagination in this area which is still to say it pretty healthy and was probably just set in with his code of ethics or religious ideal at the time the sample was written. If we look at Bill’s m’s and n’s closely, there is a fear of ridicule shown in his writing, meaning he would have a fear of people judging him or rejecting him in his mind. He would have been over-self aware.

When looking at Bill’s f’s, there is proof there that Bill would have been a persistent person with the ability to organize his situation or any hitches that may have occurred in his life at the time. He is also a very honest person who would have been person who doesn’t beat around the bush in telling you his opinion or ideas. But he would be able to say in way that would most likely not harm the other person as he is a people person and is a bit self-conscious himself and would rather prefer to avoid confrontation.

Now if we look at the next samples of writing written by Bill some months after the original note, we see that his writing has changed quite significantly in a different direction.

First thing we notice is that is has slant has gone from predominately rightward to now predominately leftward, telling us that Bill has now become emotionally withdrawn into himself, meaning he would have lost his people person personality and urges, he would barely even show any emotion or heart in this circumstance now. His writing has gotten a bit larger, and is still a fast paced thinker who can analyze things with speed. But with his writing being a bit larger, he would have lost some of his ability to focus and concentrate on tasks diligently.

In sample B, if we look very closely we see a few added things such as more aggression in the end strokes shown by the sharpness and there is also some self-deceit meaning he could be lying to himself about something related to his past as that is where his writing and strokes seem to be going. There are quite dramatic changes in the writing. The strokes are sharp and directed towards self, meaning he is self critical and sarcastic towards himself. This would cause him to withhold blame on himself which can carry quite a bit weight on his mind. The overall writing itself appears to have more depth and weight as well, meaning he is holding these traits in with greater feeling and strength which is clearly taking a negative toll on him.

As he now have large exaggerated loops in his imagination in his physical areas. Not only have the loops gotten larger in the physical areas, but he now has imagination in his upper zoned letters such as the d’s and t’s, which have also gotten taller increasing his pride and vanity. With the imagination in these letters, he has now gone from an independent person, to a person with serious sensitivity issues with his own self-image.

He now craves people to like the way he looks, the way he dresses, and what nice things he has. Another supporting trait of that is that fact that if we look closely he now has the desire to acquire hooks on some of his beginning strokes, especially the h’s.

One would have to be careful how you compliment or talk to this person, as his imagination and sensitivity could take the meaning of them leaving him on a path of wrongly perceived train of thoughts that would have him running negative patterns through his mind having withdraw even more so. He is basically now imagining the criticism happening to him.

His self-image and high goals have gone out the window. He is now a person with an insecure image, with low goals, and is very sarcastic and hurtful to himself. That combined with the desire to fail and not succeed. He hates himself so much that he wants to see himself fail and take all the blame.

After dissecting the samples apart so far, we can clearly see that something in Bill’s life has changed. Bill has experienced something in his life that is causing his emotions to be rattled. The most obvious is we see that his slant as gone from right to way left, giving us clear evidence that Bill was going through some very troubling times that has caused him to withdraw to himself.

If we now turn our attention to the last sample, which is that actual suicide note. The first thing that is noticeable is the writing is larger indicating he has lost even more of his concentration and focus, but still has quick thinking mind with analytical ability.

But because he has lost most of his positive traits to control that, we know his mind is not thinking in the positive directions. His slant again is still even more leftward symbolizing his emotional withdrawal. His imaginations in the upper and lower zones have gotten larger.

From a man who had established his code of morals, ethics, and philosophies, now to a man who is permissive and accepting of all types now. One could almost say he has become gullible now, or is seriously searching for some help in these areas of his life and will desperately take any.

But anything he does, he does with a fear of success. He has a serious desire to fail, and because the loop, goes so far around in his lower zones, it is quite possible is has something to with his past. Seeing that this was not in his writing a year and half ago of the first writing sample, it is quite possible it is something that he is referring to during that time frame of a year and a half.

After analyzing the traits in the last 2 samples, it is not too surprising that he took his own life. He aggressively blamed himself, wanted to fail, was emotionally withdrawn, and had paranoid imaginations. It was completely different than who he actually was. Bill was suffering from some serious emotional pain, and the only way he thought he could get relief from it, was to take his own life.

But seeing these dramatic changes in his writing must bring up important question and vivid speculations as to what must have occurred in that time span of a year and half. Was he bullied, abused, or going through a divorce? One can only speculate with the figures drawn on the paper, but one thing is for sure, Bill experienced something of great disturbance. So great, that it actually completely changed his fantastic and promising personality to a self-destructive state. He lost who he was. Looking at these samples is like step by step snapshots of someone essentially losing their mind and sense of reality.

As an analyst, and seeing a sample of writing like this, it brings me to a feeling of great compassion and the desire to understand why something awful like this occurred. And now knowing the knowledge and ability to better understand is right here and is available through the ability of handwriting analysis and grapho-therapy , brings a feeling of sadness that this man could have been helped through his troublesome times through the use of these such helpful sciences.

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