The successful handwriting traits you should have in your handwriting

There is no guarantee to success in life, but those who take more chances, tend to experience more rejection and loss. The people that persevere over fears and rejection barely notice it. They keep going and keep their eye on the prize. Usually found among highly confident people. Great traits to haveā€¦ people with theses traits are really going places.

So what do these handwriting traits look like?


High Self-Esteem

High crossed t-bar. This reveals confidence, ambition, the ability to plan ahead, high goals, high personal expectations, and an overall good self-image. This is the key to personal success and happiness. Esteem increases if combined with a bold signature.


Strokes that double over the letter and end toward the right. Usually located in the 't' and 'f'. This person has the quality of not giving up when confronted with temporary setbacks. He will persist until he completes the task.


An unusually long stroke that makes the cross bar of the letter t. This writer bubbles over with enthusiasm and excitement. Enthusiasm is a key ingredient to success in leadership because it motivates others toward action.


Revealed by an underline below one's signature. This person possess strong leadership qualities, relies on himself, and has a great amount of inner strength.