Sexual Perverse tendancies in handwriting analysis exposed

This is an interesting trait. It’s not a very pinpoint accurate trait. So to describe it to you, I would say, if you see this style of “y” it usually indicates this person is sexually experimental. This is why this trait is generally seen mostly amongst bisexuals or homosexuals. Also seen in people who feel guilty about sex in general as well... depending on what kind of family a person was raised in and what their notions about sex were like.

But, if you see it… you can’t automatically just say “hey I know you are gay”, you could be wrong. Because the 'y' stem goes down and the towards the hard straight left which indicates the some issue towards the past, then goes right back towards present and future, it generally indicates there is some personal/sexual issue this person had in their past… and maybe feels guilty about it, or is always remembering something in their past that was told to be wrong or grotesque while growing up.

In modern times… that would be a common thing, being told that being gay is wrong or maybe another type of perversion… O, I don’t know, like an attraction towards goats or clowns… I don’t need to get into what exactly… because to the person it seems somewhat wrong to them, but they do it anyways, because they like it, but there is still a bit of guilt combined with curiosity within themselves.

Even just having thoughts or cravings what most people would consider sexually healthy, this person feels it’s a bit wrong.

Depending how they were raised as children, perhaps in very religious household where sexuality was suppressed, and they think it is a bit naughty… this ‘y’ can come up. And it feels to them that it is perverted or a bit kinky.

That’s why this trait is difficult to pinpoint the meaning to each person, because it will depend on the person you are dealing with… and if especially if you just met them, you will not know much about their background on how they raised or where they came from or what they went through while they were growing up. But it’s interesting nonetheless…