Use handwriting analysis to finally get rid of being Self-conscious

This trait is shown in the ‘m’ letters. It is shown by the second hump of the ‘m’ to be higher than the first hump.

The description of this trait could be described as if you were to be worried or fearful about what people think of you that you have not necessarily met or interacted with…yet.

From my own personal experience, I used to have this trait show up in my writing quite often. And let me tell you… I hated having it!

The unneeded constant internal worry “what will people think of me” or “what if someone stares at me”. For me, this trait was a negative limiting factor, which well… limited my life’s choices! Whether I wanted to take cooking lessons, dancing lessons, or talk in front of a bunch of people, I would always stop myself from taking that step forward because I was worried about what friends or family would think of me. I would make up negative stories of me making a fool of myself, failing, or being rejected…

Thus never taking a step forward outside my comfort zone…

Where does a trait like this develop… well…?

I could just blame my parents and my upbringing and them telling me “to look my best, or you will be laughed at” or “if you fail, don’t bother showing your face here”… all those lovely phrases of encouragement that probably seeded in my mind as I got older. And if I take less perceivable risks, then I won’t have to feel the pressure of having to “do well” or not make an ass of myself.

...But I can’t point fingers

So what does one do? Well there are a lot of tools actually. Self-help books, seminars, or a psychologist. All great things and am a firm believer that there really is some genuinely good stuff out there for self-improvement.

…But what about changing the ‘m’ stroke in my handwriting…?

Noticed in the beginning of this page, I said “I used to be very self-conscious”

…I’m not so much anymore because I don’t have this trait in my handwriting anymore. I changed my handwriting and I was free,in a sense... I wasn’t a slave to that limiting voice in my head.

It takes about 30 days of conscious writing practice to change it… but if you really want to change it… you will complete the 30 day challenge. So I recommend this book… and see if it works for you.

But wait… how does that work? “Just change some silly handwriting stroke and you’re cured”

Yeah… pretty much.

You see, handwriting is often referred to as brainwriting. To put it simply, when you write, you brain sends a signal to your hand to form a stroke. Your brain writes that stoke in a certain way based off all life situations and experiences since you were born.

So… if you a put in the conscious effort to change the stroke and practice it, you can change the neurological pattern to something that would better suit you.

It takes about 21 days to break most habits… that’s why the Change your your Handwriting Change your Life

book is a 30 day workbook… and it’s a darn cheap way to change your life rather than going to Tony Robbins seminar for thousands of dollars!

You can give it a shot... if it works for you and benefits you in any way... AWESOME!

...If it doesn't then no harm done... not much to lose, but a lot to gain.