Why Screening your Date with Handwriting Analysis Saves you Time and Heartache?

For me personally… I never go on a 2nd date with a woman until I get a sample of her handwriting. The book Sex, Lies, and Relationships describes this method very well.

But allow me to share my own personal story.

This sample of writing that I have included is sample from a Vietnamese 21 year old woman named Tamara I dated for a short amount of time. (it was short for a good reason) I am going to include a brief back story as to how we met and what happened to paint a better picture.

So one day after work… , I needed to buy a tool for my work, so I went to a nearby mall that is quite popular and busy in my city of Vancouver. As I was walking through the mall and passing by all the stores, I saw this tight, tall, attractive oriental girl working in this clothing store. She caught my attention.

… I had to take a chance to meet her. So after pacing back and forth inside my head on what to do or say… I finally walked into the store and pretended to shop for things. Like pretending to look at shirts and sorting through the different kinds of jeans and scratching my head as if I am struggling to make a good decision on what to buy etc.(I’m a terrible actor)

…. Finally, after a bunch squabbling, I just walked up to her and introduced myself and let her know I was interested.

…She was shocked that some guy would just come up and do that…. But she was also quite flattered as well (thank God, I hate rejection). So after some small talk, I told her “lets meet up for coffee, and I’ll will analyze your handwriting with my Grapho-deck this weekend.” She agreed of course… who doesn’t want to have their handwriting analyzed?(thank God!, I hate rejection)

The date:

She showed up 20 minutes late. We still had coffee, we talked, I got a small sample of her handwriting… and here’s the highlights:

- She has procrastination in her t-bars ( she showed up late)

- She told me she never wants to go to college, comfortable making minimum wage at a mall job, has no hobbies and is waiting to win the lottery. This can be seen by low t-bars which means low personal goals and self-esteem.

- She is very lifeless and dry person to talk to, has no zest passion or… feeling. This is shown by light pressured writing

- She didn’t trust easily and appeared to have very little desire for physical contact… at least with me anyways. Shown by lack of trust ‘y’ strokes.

Was I disappointed…nope, not at all.

Well… I didn’t see her again. But that’s not what I mean. I learned that with handwriting analysis I can save my time and energy without having to go on multiple dates trying and hoping that this relationship will work…only to be disappointed it didn’t work out.

Now all I do is look at the writing, determine if the traits she has are what I really want in a person and just go from there… simple.

You too can have this valuable and advantageous tool.

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