A List of the Most Valuable Handwriting Analysis Products Around!

Handwriting Starter Kit

Even if you've never read a book or an article on psychology, the mind, or handwriting analysis...after just a few hours studying this course, you will seem like a 20-year veteran handwriting expert.

Certification Home Study Course

Most comprehensive and up to date course for becoming a top-notch handwriting analyst

Marketing Course How To Make $100 Per Hour Analyzing Handwriting Marketing System inclused the 300+ page 3 Ring Binder of marketing tools, flyers, spreadsheets, and instructions.

Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy

A comprehensive self-help book which combines the best of handwriting, graphotherapy, NLP, timeline therapy, health, and spirituality.


The most fun and most powerful deck of cards you will ever own!

Dishonesty in Handwriting

In just seconds, you can ABSOLUTELY spot a dishonest person without ever having to confront him in a bold-face lie... just look at their handwriting and they will never know you have the upper hand.

Adult Change Your Life In 30 Days Grapho-Therapy Workbook

You could be holding in your hands, one of the most powerful tools ever created to assist you in achieving your dreams. This workbook is the culmination of years of research and development in the field of handwriting analysis, neuro- linguistic programming, & grapho-therapy. When you complete this course, your life will forever be altered in a positive and powerful way.

Cruise the world for free with handwriting analysis

The step-by-step guide for the trained handwriting analyst to get booked as lecturer/intellectual entertainer on a cruise ship and how to make it an all expenses paid trip!

Double Your Income

Use hypnosis to increase your abundance thinking. You already know your thoughts are the basis of your reality and your goals achievement. This unique CD course uses time-line, NLP, and hypnosis to change your beliefs and find ways to double your income. Awesome program.

Handwriting Analysis Secrets of Love, Sex, and Relationships

This is the most comprehensive handwriting/NLP book available, designed for a person to easily utilize these tools to improve their relationships or find their perfect mate. Includes a complete trait dictionary and lists the 10 hell traits. A classic!

9 Secret Sex Traits

Imagine learning "new" and "never published" information about everyone's favorite little secret: sex and sexuality! Most of the material in this class has NEVER BEFORE been published in any book, tape, CD or seminar. You will discover strokes, hooks and loops that reveal sexual "dirt" that no one can ever imagine could be identified through handwriting.

Change Your Signature, Change your life

This new "autograph" course is a breakthrough from two of the world's leading handwriting experts from Australia and America. Discover slight changes in your signature, that can change your life. Plus, this course is entirely downloadable, so you can get started right now!