How to spot the lazy person by glancing at their handwriting


Procrastination is one of those traits that is universally a negative trait in any facet of a person’s personality. It really serves no purpose other than hold you back from achieving something great or getting things done on time.

Can you remember leaving your big homework assignment or studying for exams the night before you were to write them just trying to cram it all in? (Even though you were given 3 weeks notice). I did it too.

Watching TV, but in the back of your mind, you thinking “I should probably study, but I got enough time, I’ll study a bit later on”

Being a landlord of a property myself and having talked to other fellow landlords, having a tenant that will not pay the rent on time is a real pain in the ass… just one of those things that just really grinds my gears. And to make matters worse, sometimes they come up with these amazing fables and tales of why they couldn’t make the rent payment on time. Like “my sister broke her nail and she had an emotional meltdown, and I had to take her to a nail salon… and then to make matters worse my car wouldn’t start and then we had to hitchhike to the nail salon, but then we ran into some trouble there…. Blahblah!” The rent is on the same day of every freaking month…as it always is, it should not come as a surprise that your rent is due.

I’m ranting… but I am going to show how spot a procrastinator’s handwriting… but remember just because you see it once… doesn’t mean that everything he/she does they leave to the last minute.

The more handwriting you have the more you can determine just how much of procrastinator the person actually is.

Here’s the procrastinator t-bar, could easily be described as someone who was so lazy, they could not even finish crossing the t-stem.

The more times it shows up the more the person procrastinates in more aspects of their life.

If it shows up once or twice, not really a big deal.

But... If you do have this trait in your own handwriting showing up on a consistent basis, I strongly suggest that you consciously remove it… with some grapho-therapy . It's a very easy and simple way to change those negative traits in your handwriting to positive and powerful traits that would benefit your life in a tremendous way... It's easy and takes 30 days. You will notice the difference and there's no risk.