The Handwriting Analysis of the Physically Abusive Husband

Physically Abusive

I am going to show you an advanced technique we handwriting experts use called trait stacking. Where we take certain traits and stack them together to make paint a full picture of someone’s personality. In the example I am going to stack a bunch of traits together to make a person who would have strong tendencies to be physically abusive towards women. So this is the trait recipe I need.


Shown by hard right upstrokes that replace a lower loop. The aggressive person pushes forward into the future asserting himself physically. Often this person needs physically aggressive outlets such as competitive sports or even violence.


Down-slanted t-bar, to the right, with a sharp ending. The domineering person tends to fight for control. He takes charge, insisting people follow him. The sharp t-bar signifies sarcasm, whining, griping, and possible cruelness when he doesn't get his way. An unpleasant trait.


Inflexible beginning strokes at the beginning of a word. The stroke must start at the baseline or below and remain rigidly straight. This person is harboring anger, resentment, or hate toward something or someone.

Emotionally Impulsive/ Responsive


Ok, I got what I need. Now I am going to stack them up to make an abusive boyfriend or husband.

I am going to give you a scenario about a husband who has these traits and show you how it plays out.

So the husband comes home from a hard day at work and is expecting to just sit down and eat a fresh home cooked meal.

But instead… she went out all day shopping and spending time with some of her friends and didn’t have time to make anything.

What does he do?

He gets angry at her and says “I expect to be fed as soon as I come through the door… you should know this!”

She says “I am your wife, not your slave!”

I am going to pause the scene for a second so we can recap.

He’s physically aggressive, impulsive, domineering, has inner anger and resentment.

I think it’s pretty obvious what happens next, right?

He would most likely go right up to her and grab her by the neck and pin her against the wall and throw in few back-handed pimp slaps right across her face combined with some rather rude and demeaning banter making her feel like an insignificant mouse.

…And he won’t feel bad about…not one bit.

Even though I just made up this scenario, it’s not far off some relationships that actually exist like this.

So what kind of woman would actually allow herself to get into a relationship like this? It’s more common than you think. So what would her handwriting look like? I am so glad you asked.

Bad Relationships
The handwriting of a Woman who stays in bad relationships