How to get free stuff from people in 10 minutes or less with handwriting analysis

So I am going to now show you how use the science of handwriting analysis to your advantage to get free stuff.

So here is an example of how to get free drinks or dessert at a restaurant.

Say you are eating a restaurant similar to a Denny’s or and IHOP diner style restaurant. What you do when the waitress comes to take your order is.

Step 1: Ask the waitress if she has ever had her handwriting analyzed before. (she will most likely say “no”.)

Step 2: Be a bit challenging in a fun way. Say something like, “If I analyze your handwriting and am at least 85% accurate about who you are, you have to give me a free Coke or a slice of apple pie. Does that sound fair?”

Step 3: After she most likely will agree to the deal, you get her writing sample, analyze it quickly and hit the big highlights of handwriting and when she comes back to your table tell her the results of what you found in her handwriting.

Step 4: Watch her eyes light up in amazement as to how much you know about her.

Step 5: Eat your free slice of warm, delicious apple pie… with a smile.

Step 6: Be prepared that the waitress may not leave you alone and will want to know more about your skills and knowledge about handwriting analysis.

This is a simple formula that can be applied to get free things in many scenarios. Just use this as a general outline and apply it to other places too like other restaurants, or garage sales for example.

If you think this is a manipulative way to get what you want… well don’t. You took the time to learn the skills and the knowledge however basic… so you earned the right to reap the benefits however big or small they are. Plus, you gave the other person a unique and interesting experience… so it’s a win win situation.

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