5 Step Guide to Meeting People with Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting analysis is a great way to meet people…even complete utter strangers.

Actually the first real application I ever used handwriting analysis was to meet people, and still use it sometimes.

Why it works so well.

Well, the term handwriting analysis just sounds cool to begin with. And whomever you are asking will be intrigued by the very term. Most people have heard of it, but never actually experienced it… that is where you come in.

When you get them curious and then deliver some seemingly impossible secrets about a person without ever actually getting to know them the old fashioned way… they are going to be very impressed with you. Hence, will usually want to know more about you. (yay!… you made a connection)

Whether you want to make a new friend, get a date or just be a social butterfly, handwriting analysis is a great way to do it.

Here is an example of how to meet and connect with a complete total stranger that you may be interested in:

Step 1: go to a place where there are people (i.e. mall, drug store, supermarket, house party, subway train etc.)

Step 2: spot and target a person who would like to meet

Step 3: approach them

Step 4: say something along the line of “Hey, I noticed you here, I was curious about you and wanted to meet you… I know I am complete stranger (pace the situation) but if you got a moment I can analyze your handwriting and tell you something about yourself even your friends might not know. Are you game?”

Step 5: Analyze their handwriting and watch in amazement the connection taking place between you and them.

Note: it doesn’t work every single time and you may run into skeptics or people who are scarred of the world and all the people in it… but forget those people… don’t worry about the meek ones… walk onwards and focus on the open minded people with an actual zest for life! These people make better friends anyways!

Plus, remember, you also have a choice… while you are analyzing their handwriting… I encourage you to pay attention to the traits you are revealing about the other person. So stop, and ask yourself “are these the personality traits I want in a person that I could potentially want to get to know better?”

And most of all… you are going to have soo much fun!

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