How Marijuana changes a person's handwriting

Being the kind of person who is very experimental and is always thinking of new and creative things, an opportunity came up that presented itself right in front of me one day and I wanted to see what would happen.

I was out having dinner and drinks with some friends who brought other friends and we were just having a pleasant social evening getting to know some new people. While were waiting for our appetizers to be brought to, a gentleman on the table suggested to his friend on the left that they should go smoke some pot (marijuana) before dinner.

And then something clicked inside of me… I stopped the guy, I said “Hey, wait a second, let me have your handwriting sample before you get ‘high’. And then when you get back from smoking pot, let me get your handwriting again and we will see what changed.” He said, “That sounds cool, let’s see what happens.”
So I now present to you the results of completely sober handwriting and someone who is high on marijuana.

Sober Handwriting

Influenced by Marijuana

The traits in general appear remain the same except for few things. The thickness, heaviness and the pressure on the paper are different. And as I have taught before … thick and hard handwriting indicates the depth of feeling and emotional intensity are increased. He also has more generosity towards others showing in his handwriting as well where it was not there before being on marijuana.

And it made sense to him… he said “yah, when I get high, I feel everything, like everything that feels good sober… feels even better and I feel things more than I normally do, that’s why I do it… when I’m with good people and in a good mood, I like to smoke pot… I feel everything much more intensely and clearer.”

It just shows that a lot of things can be picked up based off someone's handwriting and it’s fun to see the differences take place instantly on a piece of paper.

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