How to spot a liar's handwriting in an instant

So, now I am going to expose to you a simple writing stroke that is very simple to point out, but is IMMENSELY powerful for you to know this knowledge. And that knowledge is knowing how to spot that lying s.o.b who screwed you over!... I mean, just how to spot someone who just happens to not tell the truth.

I don’t know about you, but I think it is very useful to know when you are dealing with a liar… but that’s just me.

For starters, look at the o’s. Liar strokes are shown by double looped o’s.

Shown by a combination of loops in the right and left side of lower case a's and o's. Inner loops that cross signify a person that is not comfortable telling the whole truth. The bigger the loops, the bigger the lies.

General rule of thumb is the bigger the loop, the big and more imaginative/ creative the liar is. So if the loops are very small, this person may tell a few white lies… nothing to freak out about. Also look at how many times it shows up, the more it shows up, the more the person lies on a consistent basis.

Pathological Liar

This person tells a lie and then tells another on top of it which catches him. We feel sorry for him because he literally tells himself something once or twice then believes it.

Very Big Liar

Then you got the intentional, and very big liar (AKA Bullsh#$er)

This is the guy who will tell you a story of how when he went camping with his family, a 1000 pound grizzly bear attacked him in the middle of the night while he was sleeping and wrestled with the bear for 20 minutes in gruesome battle to the death with him ending up on top of the bear stabbing and killing the bear to death with a green pencil crayon he just happened to luckily have in his pocket. And that’s why he has the 0.25 inch scar on his forearm.

….Great story… but I bet you a $100, 000 that did not happen.

There you have it, now you have the quick and dirty way of seeing a liar by looking at their handwriting.