Make money now by jury screening with your handwriting analysis knowledge!

Jury Screening Process

A handwriting analyst is given handwriting samples of a prospective jury and determines who should be struck, based upon their alleged personality profile. After the trial has begun, the handwriting analyst advises counsel on how to slant their case, for the most favorable response from the jury.

Again, let’s say you have passed your handwriting analysis certification course and are ready to apply your knowledge and skills. And you have an interest in law and order type stuff…

Well, you could be a part of the jury screening process.

And here is the formula to get that gig and get paid well for it… very well in fact.

Step 1: Prepare your resume, bio, testimonial sheets, and business brochure

Step 2: target a law firm or specific lawyer

Step 3: Mail or fax a letter stating your purpose and request a meeting

Step 4: Follow-up with a phone call. Don’t try to sell him on the phone… get an appointment. Repeat… Just get the appointment… don’t talk too much. (Close up those o’s)

Step 5: At the meeting, do his writing, show him articles, references, testimonials, and explain your price structure. Don’t sell yourself short. Attorneys won’t respect you if you work for pennies a day. Start at $500 per day and or $100 per hour. Then offer the first case- he will be totally satisfied with you, or he pays you nothing. Total guarantee.

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