How to get free stuff out of strangers by analyzing their handwriting

I remember when playing around with my grapho-deck after about 2 or 3 months of first getting it, I was really enjoying analyzing people’s handwriting. And they loved it too… obviously because I was talking about their favorite subject… themselves!

But one day… I was in a department store, and I saw this stunning Persian looking woman. I had to say something to her so I could just get the chance to talk to her. I was nervous and had no idea what I would say to meet her…

But I could feel the bulge of my grapho-deck in my pocket… and thought to myself, “I should ask if she has ever had her handwriting analyzed”.

So I sort of cautiously walked up to her and said, “Hey, I don’t mean to interrupt you while you’re shopping, but have you ever had your handwriting analyzed before? It only takes a few minutes”.

To my surprise, she said “What? I have never had that done before; I’d love for you to do analyze my handwriting”. I’m just browsing around anyways.”

So she sat down with me for what was supposed to be only 5 minutes or so, she ended sitting with me for over 20-25 minutes. (yes… that’s right, a random stunning Persian woman sitting in front of me, intrigued with what I know and had to say)

After our little meeting was done… she started pulling her wallet out from her purse, and said “so how much do I owe you for this handwriting analysis”?

I was shocked… and said “I didn’t analyze your writing for money, I was just curious about you”.

She proceeded to pull out a $20 bill… I stopped her and said “Honestly I can’t accept.”

She said, “Well I must give you something, I quite enjoyed this experience.”

…So I cheekily/casually said, “If you insist, you can give me your phone number so I can call you to go out for coffee together” (What?... That was the main reason I wanted to talk to her for in the first place)

She responded with a chuckle, and said “well… I’m flattered, but I’m taken. But let me buy you a milkshake from the food court.”

So she bought me the milkshake… shook my hand, said her goodbye’s and walked off… that was the last I ever saw of her.

So, there I was… thinking and analyzing as to what the hell just happened. Some new experiences have just occurred.

I engaged a beautiful stranger, analyzed a beautiful strangers handwriting, talk to a beautiful stranger (unfortunately nothing progressed with that), a FREE MILKSHAKE!

Yes, that is right, I got something for free because of the handwriting analysis I did for a person.

So there I stood pondering and thinking while sipping that delicious free milkshake… what else can I get for free with handwriting analysis?

Well… lots actually! I’m going to show some examples of how to get free stuff on this site with essentially the simplest and most

basic level of handwriting analysis tools.

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