The Emotions of Handwriting Analysis

In handwriting analysis, one of the most important foundations of doing an analysis of a person is to find the emotional outlay first.

What do I mean by this?

Emotional outlay is found by carefully looking at the slant of the person’s writing. By slant, I mean the general direction in which the written strokes appear to be going.

To keep it real simple here is a formula to use:

A dominantly leftward slant = introversion or someone who does NOT express himself (i.e. a stereotypical computer software engineer who is comfortable sitting at a desk by himself)

A dominantly rightward slant = extroversion or someone who expresses themselves a lot (i.e. an actress who loves acting in dramatic plays)

A slightly rightward slant = someone who is someone in between introversion and extroversion.

Now... Unfortunately, to do a professional level analysis it’s not that simple as there are varying gradients between these 3. But this is still good enough to be accurate.If you were to take a handwriting certification course , you will learn how to actually measure these slants to the finest of degrees.

But… What I have explained is plenty for now for you to still sound like a pro.

I cannot stress the importance of why it is a must to analyze the slant first. I am going to explain this with and example:

Okay, say you have a person with leftward slant and they also have a temper t-bar stroke in their writing. To all the people that know this person, they would say “THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL THIS GUY HAS A TEMPER! He is so reserved”

WRONG! He just never expresses it openly, he internalizes it and keeps it inside… at most, releasing his temper when he is alone or very occasionally lets it go on somebody who REALLY PISSED HIM OFF!

But now, let’s take someone who has a rightward slant with temper t-bar. His friends will definitely agree he has temper, and is the kind of guy who yells at people for anything that irritates him… like being ugly or wearing a polo shirt with the collar popped up.

You get it? Okay good.

The more advanced level level stuff is once you start doing a thing called trait stacking. Where you find the exact emotional outlay and all the personality traits and stack them on top or against each other to basically paint a complete picture of who that person REALLY is… that’s the really cool part.

That’s what sets you apart from all the rest of the wannabe’s/ wish they could's and the REAL professional handwriting experts.