How to spot Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde’s handwriting in 2 minutes flat

Dual Personality

Dual personality is shown by the ever so important slant in the person’s writing.

What you want to look for is writing slant that goes to the right and slant that goes to the left in the person’s written words. As we know, slant determines the overall emotional response of all the personality traits.

So if a predominantly leftward slant is someone who is more emotionally withdrawn or reserved and predominantly rightward slant is someone who is very impulsive and expressive, but if we have both slants showing up consistently and about equally…. You are going to have someone with no predictability at all. You think you know them…. But you really don’t, because tomorrow they could act like someone else completely different.

Luckily it’s rare to meet people like that…..

BUT… I have, so…

To illustrate an example of Dual personality I am going to share a personal story of a girl I met and went on a date with, when I sort of first started really getting into handwriting analysis and its infinite wonder. This is the only sample I have of her handwriting.

Okay, so let me set the stage for this story.

Location: A gym (a place where people go to work out and sweat a lot)

Time: approximately 4pm on a Wednesday

Weather: A nice sunny west coast living kind of day 16 degrees Celsius

So there I was in the gym sitting on a row machine that was working my upper back muscles and listening to my Ipod… just doing my work out thing that I always do every other day. It was just an average day for me… nothing bad… nothing exciting either.

But… as I was taking a break and grabbing my water bottle to quench my thirst… as I looked up from grabbing my bottle that was on the floor… there she was! Straightened and wavy brunette hair dropping down just above her lower back with a tight and taught summer tanned body wearing volleyball shorts and a tight fitted t-shirt walking on a treadmill with her grey eyes looking in what appeared to be my direction.

So I slowly and cautiously looked back in her direction with the blankest of stares.

She gave one of the flirtiest ….most welcoming smiles a woman has ever given to anybody in the world… ever!

I thought to myself, “is she really smiling at me… like that?” So I turn and look around behind me to see if there was someone else behind me she might have been looking at (you know… just to be sure)

I turn back to look at her and there she was giggling at me and pointing to me and wording to me in the distance saying “yes ! you silly”

I lit up with joyful smile! I thought “this never happens, this is soo cool… a girl is checking me out for once…. And not the other way around.” (Well I have been working out you know; maybe it’s actually starting to payoff)

So I got off my butt and started casually walking up to her and we introduced ourselves to each other… and after a little small talk… I invited her to leave the gym with me and get something to eat at local eatery nearby… She smilingly agreed.

It was turning out to be one of the best dates I’ve had with a woman. She was fun, very touchy feely and flirty… I mean just plain cool and fun to be with.

“I can actually introduce this woman to my mother” I thought.

So for fun I asked if I could analyze her handwriting… and of course like everyone, she willingly gave me a sample of her writing.

Now at the time… I was not a very experienced handwriting analyst and was clearly blinded by just how much I really like being with her that I was off on my analysis about her… or that fact that I didn’t want those traits to be true of her and could not say bad things about a woman who is clearly an angel!

“This can’t be her writing, just a glitch” I thought to myself. So I put her handwriting sample away and didn’t think much of it… Because after all, this girl is real relationship material…. Right?

…But how young and fool hardy I was.

Anyways so this lovely evening ended and we agreed to see each other in two days for an evening at a local beach.

So wait… lets recap here before we move on

a. She is a beautiful, fit, tanned brunette with grey eyes (girl next door type)

b. She is a fun, flirty, energetic, free-spirited person that you can talk to about anything

c. She appears to dig me

d. Did I mention she is beautiful, fit, tanned brunette with grey eyes

Okay… great ! So Friday evening rolls around and I’m psyched… can’t wait to see her. I drive to her house to pick her up. I ring the door bell once… then after 2 minutes… I ring it again… no answer.

I waited for 5 minutes then called her phone… no answer. So now what do I do… I mean do I leave… should I wait a bit.

During all my squandering… the front door opens and she comes out… wearing a gothic-ish style leather kind of skirt and fishnet stocking with black combat style boots that come up knee high. Black painted fingernails and the dark lipstick.

Don’t get me wrong… in a dark twisted scary kind of way… she still looked hot… just the not the kind of hot you can show your mom (or public for that matter)

So I said “O, hey! You are… l-o-o-k-i-n-g… umm… different. Is everything okay?”

In a very rude snappy way she said “Yup. Are you okay with me being okay?! O by the way, there’s a change of plans, we are going to a “friends” house party instead”

I wanted to say “no, I’m going home”, but I was actually afraid of what the consequence would have been if I said that to her.

So there we were driving to this house party… barely saying a word to each other. I wanted to talk… but still shocked at this woman… I was at a loss for words… and scared. She just had this bad energy coming off her.

So we arrive to her destination… We get out of my car and I immediately realize I’m not dressed for this house party…not even close. Everyone else that was there was like her… very gothic and dark… people are smoking, drinking, and looking more angry and depressed with life than they really need to be. Not to mention the death metal music being played somewhere in the general vicinity.

… And I’m wearing checkered shorts, a buttercup yellow polo shirt, and sandals… I’m dressed like I belong at a BEACH! Which was supposed to be the plan by the way!

So I grabbed her arm and said “there is no way I’m going in there with you… dressed like this, I will for sure be knifed… or something else painful.”

She said “fine suit yourself”, and walked off like I was a piece of dirt she never met in her life. It was like she was completely different person.

So I quickly got in my car and drove off… thinking to myself “what the heck? This makes no sense.” I couldn’t make sense of it. I mean, did she have bad day, did someone piss her off, or was she so repulsed by my yellow polo shirt that she wanted to act out like that? I just couldn’t wrap my head around it.

About a week passes by, and I’m back working out in the gym as usual… and guess who is there as well.

It was her... and she was there looking like what she looked like the first time we met. “what the heck?, this makes no sense.”

She comes up to me… and says in pleasant tone “Hey Jon! How’s it going?” Like nothing happened.

We small talked a short bit, but I really didn’t want it to lead anywhere further…ever, so I just kept it at that and walked off doing my thing. I personally don’t want to be too close to a person like that.

That was the first person I ever met, that had signs of dual personality in their handwriting… it’s rare. And that is why I wanted to share that story with you. I would have never had that unique experience if it wasn’t for handwriting analysis being weaved into my life.

Because of this woman, I never go on a second date with a girl until I see her handwriting … It’s is officially my own personal rule now. I strongly recommend you make it yours too.