The handwriting of a Woman who stays in bad relationships

Unfortunately, in my life, I have seen this particular scene or scenario far too many times. And that scenario is a woman who stays in a bad relationship with a man. Where the man is verbally or physically abusive and has to have everything his way… and the woman still stays. Or where the man keeps getting himself into trouble like going to jail or cheating on her… and yet she still stays to pick up the pieces.

I am going to again show you a handwriting analysis trait stacking technique used to make up a textbook example of a woman who would allow herself to stay in a situation like this. So these are the traits I should need:

Fear of Success

Low Self-Esteem

Shown by the t-bar crossed very low on the stem. This person fears failure and resists change. She often remains in bad situations and relationships far too long and finds imperfections with himself. She is rarely successful enough in her own eyes despite his accomplishments.


Inner loops on the LEFT side of the circle letters. This person is deceiving herself about something that is happening to her at that moment. This person may not be consciously aware of the things in his life that she is refusing to face.

Issues with the Opposite Sex

Shown by a stinger-like hook in the middle zone letters c,d, or a. This person has an anger at strong members of the opposite sex, while only being attracted to those who are a challenge. Once this person feels totally in control of the relationship, he/she will become bored.

My favorite part… Real-life scenario time!

I am going to take all these handwriting personality traits and place them onto a pleasant suburban woman who has been married for 8 years, has 2 kids, and is a stay at home mother.

Okay… so on a sunny spring afternoon, she is doing the laundry and is about to throw her husband’s pants in the washing machine and a receipt falls out. So she reads what it’s about… and the receipt is for some cheap motel not too far from where her husband works.

She didn’t want to just jump to conclusions just yet… so she didn’t confront him immediately. So she waited until her husband came home and went to sleep that night. She grabbed his cell phone off the night stand and began searching through it to see what she could find…

She found exactly what she was expecting!

There were text messages and phone calls from two different women that she didn’t know about. And the text messages were filled with sexual comments and content directed towards HER husband!

It had been confirmed… her husband is cheating on her with multiple women.

Now… you are probably thinking she should just leave and divorce his sorry ass! But why would she?

She has a nice home where all bills are paid and where her and her 2 kid’s security needs are met.

Now let’s stack the handwriting

- She has low self-esteem, she thinks she can’t do better than what she has now

- She has fear of success, she allows herself to be okay with failure

- Self-deceit, she denies the fact that her husband is jerk… and just allows him to do whatever he wants because she is afraid to lose her comfortable way of life

- Has issues with the opposite sex, she is strangely attracted to a man who is a challenge to her

And unfortunately… this is all too common. Maybe not exactly like this… but not far off in some cases.

So how can handwriting analysis actually help?

Well... It's like holding up a mirror RIGHT in front of your face. When you see what traits are showing up, that is often enough for a person to STOP... and really think about their situation and how they can now look forward to change it for the better.

In the case for this woman however, she could really use some grapho-therapy She could benefit from a reality check and a whole new life makeover for herself.

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