Addictive tendancies exposed with handwriting analysis

I am going to show how you can tell if a person would be susceptible to becoming addicted to certain things such as drugs or alcohol.

First of all, what is it like to be addicted to something, whether it’s good or bad for us. I would describe it as a seemingly uncontrollable internal emotional driven craving or impulse for something.

You ever just crave a piece of delicious chocolate… especially if you know you have not had in a little while. And all you can do is think about it… and you have this little argument inside your mind saying “you shouldn’t be eating it chocolate anyways, it has too much fat in it” and then on the flip side, your mind is saying “O c’mon have a little bit, what’s the harm in having it this one time, you can always work it off in the gym… just treat yourself a bit, you live once… and it will feel and taste really good”.

This is a totally common and normal scenario, everyone has cravings or desires for something.

If this person didn’t get chocolate that evening, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. She wouldn’t throw a fit (usually). Or sneak out in the middle of the night to do a chocolate bar run at 2:00 am in the morning.

In handwriting, you can see addictive handwriting tendencies through a combination of 2 things.

Rightward Slant

Large handwriting= very social, likes to be seen, bubbly personality, overall social aptitude.

Rightward slant= driven by their emotions and the way they feel.

People with large and rightward slanted handwriting, are usually the most fun and entertaining people to be around, I love people with this handwriting… they always have the best stories to tell.

So if a person is very social and emotionally driven, they are going to do things by mostly feelings. So if this person were to ever start smoking or get involved in drugs, where chemically these things take over the mind and body anyways, this person will feel good when they are on these drugs, therefore they will do whatever they need to do to get that feeling again. Because they are feeling driven people.

Being more social in general also increases this person’s chance of being exposed to these substances.

When a person is addicted to these things and they get that craving to have their fix, there is no stopping them. They will come up with the most amazing and convincing stories and rationalize their every move so they can sneak away from home or work just so they can go and get that impulsive craving met from drugs or alcohol.

So if a person were to have these 2 traits together in their handwriting, just make sure they don’t get involved in drugs… because it’s quite difficult to bring them back from it.