About Me

Allow me to tell you a bit about myself and how handwriting analysis entered into my life… and never left. I can be an example, that anyone from any background can be very successful and have a lot of fun in this field of interest.
Name: Jonathan

Place of Birth: Vancouver, Canada

Interests: Human psychology, studies of the human mind, neuro linguistic programming, and European motorcyles

Favorite quote: "Destiny is not a matter of chance, it’s a matter of choice: It’ not a thing to be waited for; it’s a thing to be achieved" - by Williams Jennings Bryant

It was around the age of 18 years old when I first discovered handwriting analysis. I was the type of guy where I was really shy and reserved and had a small group of friends. I would spend countless hours in a garage working on my car because I figured I would never figure out how to really meet and connect with people….. I hate being rejected so why bother.

…But deep down I had an unfulfilled need…. I just had this craving to meet and connect with people. It was eating at me… we humans are social creatures, but I was fighting it.“But how?”, I thought to myself. How would shy reserved Jon be the guy that everyone opens up to?

So one day… I walked into a bookstore to go look at the latest car magazines. But as I was walking… something caught my eye… It was a book on handwriting analysis. I glanced at it and thought “that’s seems like an interesting topic”. I didn’t pick the book up and just continued on to reading car magazines.

It was about a week later I was bored just browsing the Internet… And pfff! It just popped into my mind. HANDWRITING ANALYSIS. So I punched it in to a search engine and started browsing. Came across this interesting deck of cards called a grapho-deck . A deck of cards with handwriting trait cards that you use to match the other person’s handwriting to find out their basic personality…

...And the sales letter pitch had me sold claiming it’s the perfect icebreaker for meeting people and having them open up to you etc…

…Just what I was looking for. I immediately clicked “BUY NOW” and eagerly awaited for the grapho-deck to come in the mail. ….. 2 and half weeks later it came. I ripped through the packaging and started reading the instructions on what to do and how to use the cards.

…ok done reading, let’s try this out. So I first started analyzing my family’s handwriting and my then my friend’s handwriting. They were so interested and intrigued by it. It must have been years since I REALLY talked and opened up with my family.

The bug had bitten me… I carried that deck around in my pocket everywhere I went. Analyzing all the people I KNEW. But that was just it, I kept analyzing people I already knew somewhat.

So I thought, "what if I could memorize all the personality traits in this deck of cards and go up and meet total strangers and “sound” like a professional handwriting analyst while analyzing their handwriting?"

And in short… that’s what I did. I have soo many stories that I am going to share with you on this site on how I integrated handwriting analysis as part of my life… and still do.

From there I looked into becoming a certified handwriting analyst and went out and DID IT!. I took the action and am glad I did.